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Népszerű INSPIRE magyarázat
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Az EUROGI főtitkára ma írta: "Dear member of EUROGI,

Following the INSPIRE approval, EUROGI is now starting a series of documents intended to raise awareness about the Directive among non experts.
The first of this series is “To be INSPIREd or Not? - A brief Guide to the INSPIRE Directive”, containing basic information about the Directive and briefly describing its main framework.
EUROGI expects this action will contribute to support the members on their activities towards a broader dissemination of the Directive and, by doing so, create the capacity among all the GI related stakeholders for a higher empowerment in the process.
Attached you will find the ready to use English version of the document (.pdf) for printing or electronic dissemination. The full text (.doc) is also attached. Please feel free to translate it into any language you think appropriate.
Should any further assistance be needed please let us know.
We are looking forward to contribute for getting the best benefits from INSPIRE.
Best regards,
João Geirinhas
EUROGI Secretary General
Rua Artilharia Um, 107
1099-052 LISBOA
Telephone: +351 213-819-624
Fax: +351 213-819-668
Web: www.eurogi.org
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